New Year’s reception at the Royal Palace

Recepción Año Nuevo Palacio Real

On Thursday 28 January, His Majesty the King of Spain received the accredited Diplomatic Corps in Madrid for the annual audience in the Sala del Trono (Throne Room) of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace).

The King was accompanied by H.M. the Queen.  Their Excellencies the President of the Government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and various members of the Government, the Army and the Royal Household assisted as well.

Due to the exceptional sanitary circumstances, the Heads of Missions, this year without their spouces, had to respect the strict protocol of masks and distance, which imposed the distribution of the guests in various linking rooms.  Naturally, the habitual reception held afterwards in the magnificent Sala de Columnas (Column Hall) did not take place.

H.E.R. the Nuntius, as Dean, presented the wishes of the Diplomatic Corps to H.M. the King, who answered with a presentation of the political balance of Spain in the world during the last year and its forecast for 2021.