Lunch with H.R.E. the Apostolic Nuntius in Spain

On 27 April, the Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Spain had the honour of receiving H.R.E. Archbishop Bernadito Auza, Apostolic Nuntius in Spain.


Holy Mass of Saint George of the Spanish Subpriorate

Coinciding with its Patron’s Day, Saint George, the Spanish Subpriorate of Saint George and Saint James organized a Holy Mass at the place of the Episcopal Conference the past 24 April.


New Year’s reception at the Royal Palace

On Thursday 28 January, His Majesty the King of Spain received the accredited Diplomatic Corps in Madrid for the annual audience in the Sala del Trono (Throne Room) of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace).


Work meeting at the Embassy

In our Embassy on 27 January, our Ambassador received the great soprano Pilar Jurado for a work lunch together with the Hospitaller of the Spanish Association, Doña Aline Finat, and the Vice-Hospitaller, Doña Elena Churruca.


Farewell dinner of H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta

This encounter is typical of the diplomatic life in Madrid during the hot summer.  Many European ambassadors (Germany, Poland, etc.) attended the farewell dinner, including of course our Head of Mission.


Funeral of the Grand Master Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre

H.E.R. Nuncius presided the Funeral Mass for our deceased Grand Master, H.M.E.H. Fra’ Giacomo Della Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto.


Annual Reception at the Royal Palace

The King of Spain receives the accredited ambassadors with the occasion of the New Year. These include the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to Spain Jean-Marie Musy.


Candlemas (Candelaria)

Our diplomatic mission present at the Candlemas (Candelaria) of the Spanish Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta.


Reception of the Ambassador in the Spanish Diplomatic Academy

The Spanish Diplomatic Academy receives the Ambassador of the Order among its members. Ambassador Domingo de Silos Manso handed over the diploma of membership